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The Stage

I was standing behind a curtain and a play was going on out the front. Nothing spectacular, just a show to entertain the people around us. I was running back and forth, giving people their scripts, helping them remember their last lines. We were being marked on these performances. The backstage was dark, as it should have been, the stage also dark with just the glowing light of a single spot light. I rush the next girl onto stage and breath a sigh of relief. It's almost over. As the crowd applause, I go on stage.. but there is no one in the audience. There are no chairs, no spotlights.. just darkness with a slight light coming from an unnknown source above. I can hear feet tapping on the floor just the soft pitter patter of feet going left and right, running around the room.. but I see nothing. I climb off the stage and notice, that on desks around the room there are little white blocks.. think the size of ipods only much bigger and square. Each one of these devices is playing a strange kind of music. I approach the first, one. It switches off by itself.. I move right.. and the next one does the same. I hear laughter behind me as I approach each one, followed by the giggling of a child. But nothing is there when I turn around. Everywhere I turn, I hear whispers, laughter and footsteps, but I see nothing. I leave the hall, and the place I am, is dark and deserted. I see an old playground, the swing slowly creaking with the wind, as if a child sat upon it and was slowly moving back and forth. I keep hearing footsteps, louder and louder as I walk along.. until it blocks out my thoughts.... 

Then I wake up.


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